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Welcome to Papaya Jet Management

If you've done much traveling for business lately on a commercial air carrier you know the situation. Thankfully, the world is transitioning from the old way of getting around to the new and some of us will be privileged to lead the way. The pool of corporate executives and high level managers who utilize business aircraft is getting larger. As a result, this mode of transportation is becoming more economical. Papaya Jet Management can make the acquisition and operation of an aircraft a pleasure for your organization.

Imagine bypassing the long lines and security check points to meet your pilot at your company's aircraft a mere minutes before departure! If you're one of the lucky ones and have already had this experience with a chartered flight you know what a valuable business tool a private aircraft can be. Let us show you the way. Papaya Jet Management will locate a suitable aircraft available for purchase, negotiate a fair price on your behalf then establish and run a care free flight operation for your organization.

At present a low to mid time Eclipse light business jet can be acquired for around a million dollars. Exhibiting unrivaled style, quality and efficiency the Eclipse is the premier American made entry level business jet on the market today. Operating costs with Papaya Jet Management are competitively priced and include management, flight crew, maintenance, hangar, insurance, cleaning and security. Read more >>